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The Eighth Brussels Conference and the Role of the Youth Empower Platform: Discussing Challenges in the Syrian Reality

What is the Brussels Conference?

The eighth edition of the Brussels Conference, titled “Supporting the Future of Syria and the Region,” is a major event organized by the European Union to renew and enhance international support for the Syrian people and the Middle East at large.
The  Brussels conference includes a “Day of Dialogue,” which provides a platform for interaction between EU officials, international partners, and Syrian civil society representatives to discuss current challenges and explore sustainable solutions for the Syrian crisis.
And The Conference also includes a ministerial meeting aimed at securing financial commitments and discussing strategic responses to the Syrian crisis, emphasizing the international community’s commitment to supporting a political transition in Syria according to UN Security Council Resolution 2254.

As global geopolitical challenges increase, the eighth Brussels Donors’ Conference emerges as a crucial platform for reassessing international support provided to Syria.

In this complex environment, the Youth Empower Platform aims to participate for the first time with the goal of highlighting Syrian youth and the fundamental issues they face.
This participation reflects the platform’s commitment to enhancing the role of youth in shaping the future of their country through diverse programs focused on education, capacity building, and political awareness.

Challenges at the Eighth Brussels Donors’ Conference

The eighth Brussels Donors’ Conference shows how the Syrian file faces new challenges on the international stage, with a declining global interest in the crisis due to the emergence of other international issues dominating the global agenda.
The stagnation in international support and recurring discussions about reducing aid percentages highlight the urgent need to reassess how to deal with the Syrian crisis.
These circumstances require new and effective approaches to renew support and ensure continued attention to the Syrian issue, which motivates the Youth Empowerment Platform to demonstrate its active and necessary role in this context

Transparency and Accountability: Keys to Restoring Donor Confidence

At the Brussels Conference, transparency and accountability have become central to ensuring continued support for the Syrian dossier.
Civil society organizations face significant challenges due to declining trust among international donors and humanitarian organizations, stemming from a lack of transparency and insufficient accountability.
In light of these circumstances, the platform calls on civil society organizations to enhance their practices in these areas.

Improving transparency and accountability is vital not only for restoring trust but also to ensure fair and effective distribution of aid, thereby enhancing tangible outcomes for the Syrian people.

Effective Participation for the First Time: The Youth Empowerment Platform at the Brussels Conference

During its first participation in the Brussels Conference, the Youth Empowerment Platform presented an ideal model for how the new generation can impact international policies and programs related to Syria.
Basel Mansour, the Executive Director of the platform, actively participated in the side discussions, emphasizing the importance of focusing on the youth through educational programs and developmental projects that contribute to improving their economic and social situation.
This participation is an opportunity to demonstrate how youth can be a primary driver of change and positive impact, by presenting projects that include innovative and sustainable solutions that meet the needs of the Syrian youth.

Empowering Youth: Building Syria’s Future Across New Generations

The Youth Empower Platform is committed to activating the role of youth in communities, as outlined in documents like “The Policy Brief and Strategic Plan.
The platform strives to enhance democratic values and human rights within these communities.
The document highlights the platform’s commitment to providing educational and awareness programs that politically and socially empower youth, building their capacities to become future leaders.
At the Brussels Conference, the platform emphasized the need to enhance communication with active political entities and civil society to offer sustainable solutions that positively impact the Syrian arena, inspired by UN Resolution 2250, which underscores the role of youth in international peace and security.

Hope Towards the Future: A Vision for a New Phase Post-Brussels Conference

At the conclusion of the Brussels Conference, Basel Mansour, the Executive Director of the Youth Empower Platform, expressed his aspirations for a future that moves beyond basic relief efforts to building long-term strategies for reconstruction and sustainable development in Syria.

The ambitious goals adopted by the platform point to a future vision that encourages hope and change, urging the international community to support initiatives that ensure an active role for Syrian youth in their country’s future.

The strategic vision of the platform is derived from a comprehensive study that identifies the priorities and challenges faced by Syrian youth, focusing on capacity development and empowerment to make them an active part of the developmental process.
The Youth Empower Platform aims to achieve these goals through a series of educational and training programs that help youth build their future and enhance their participation in society.
Additionally, the platform invests in continuously publishing articles, studies, and awareness content on social media and its website to raise awareness about youth issues and enhance their role in society.
The platform also seeks to establish strategic partnerships with various international and local institutions to ensure that the voice of youth reaches the world, providing them a platform to influence and actively participate in decision-making that affects their future and the future of their country.
These efforts embody the commitment of the Youth Empower Platform to transform hope into tangible reality that contributes to building a new Syria, led by its youth with renewed and ambitious ideas toward a more stable and prosperous future.

Enhancing the Role of Youth in Facing Future Challenges

Mekdad Al-mekdad, the General Manager of the Youth Empower Platform, emphasized the increasing importance of enhancing the role of youth in Syria’s political and developmental process. Mekdad stated,

“With the ongoing challenges and obstacles facing youth, it is crucial to consider strategies and mechanisms that can enhance their capacity for positive impact.

In this context, we refer to the platform’s recent study, which reviews the tools and challenges in empowering Syrian youth.

This study provides a deep analysis of the obstacles that prevent the full activation of youth roles and underscores the urgent need for continuous support and prioritization that enables them to play a central role in reshaping Syria’s future.

With these words, Mekdad calls on the international community and donors to reconsider their policies and programs to achieve genuine youth empowerment, stressing that

“investing in youth is not only a moral duty but also fundamental to building the future of Syria and ensuring the achievement of lasting peace and sustainable development.

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