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“Youth Empower Platform”, the place that beats in the hearts of Syrian youth and their hope in building a better future. We are a group of young Syrians committed to empowering and supporting our rising generation, which we believe is the true force and driver behind positive change in our society.

Youth empower platform Support today, lead tomorrow

Welcome to the “Youth Empower Platform”. You are now at the heart of a meeting place for ambition and creativity, where the dreams of young people meet with the opportunities that await them to build a future worthy of their aspirations. We represent the voice of a new generation of young people, who is burning with enthusiasm to create the positive change that we all strive towards, because we We believe that our role is not limited to today only, but extends to shaping a bright tomorrow that carries with it hope and success. Every day, we work to build stronger and more just societies by empowering young people and providing them with the skills and knowledge necessary to achieve their ambitions.

However, we cannot continue this vital work without your support. The donations we receive are the lifeblood of our platform and ensure the continuity of our activities and programs. Whether they are financial donations, knowledge sharing, or moral support, each contribution from you plays a vital role in enhancing the capabilities of young people and supporting their ambitions.

Activities and objectives of the Youth Empower Platform

Questionnaires and studies

Each participation contributes to building a deeper understanding of the challenges and forms a clear vision for the future

Our social role

The platform focuses on youth issues and seeks to empower and support them, addresses the issues they face and provides them with solutions and guidance.

Our political role

Due to its participation in meetings with political entities to represent the youth group, this shows the role of the platform in political dialogue and influencing decisions that concern young people.

Our civic role

By focusing on the values of citizenship, justice, and the support that the platform provides to young people in their community, in addition to its participation with civil entities.

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Volunteer with us

Volunteering on the youth empower platform

The opportunity is now in your hands to be the engine of the change you wish to see in the world, By participating and volunteering with us, you become an integral part of the journey to empower the rising generations, the group that holds the key to the future, We believe that you are the force that will drive positive transformations in our society, Contribute to shaping a tomorrow full of hope and possibilities!